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REM 2023
Hush Gallery Istanbul

REM, (English: rapid eye movement), also known as paradoxical sleep or asynchronous sleep. It is the stage of sleep in which dreams are seen and the subconscious units are cleared. It gets its name from the rapid movement of the eyes during this time.


Investigating the recovery processes of societies after major natural disasters, artists Ertan Velimatti Alagöz and Dila Gözen put sleep at the center of the creative process of their works. The artists try to keep alive the memories of people who lost their lives in the earthquake that took place in the southeast of Turkey, with portraits they created using REM, the sleep stage that allows people to treat their emotional trauma, using old fabric pieces that are part of the bed where sleep takes place physically.

Galeri Bu Istanbul

As a multidiciplinary artist Ertan Velimatti Alagoz, Inspired by the coloring books that encouraged us to paint in our childhood in this project,  examines that social roles, gender discrimination and capitalist politics. He presents a critical view by including political, pornographic and even violent elements in his artworks. The artist, who is the child of a Finnish mother and a father from Antep; establishes a balanced language of expression by using the dynamism, warmth and variability of Turkey and both the minimalist and ease of Scandinavia.


TINIE, 2021
Artopol Istanbul
Galleria Kookos Helsinki

TINIE is a series of paintings based on an imaginary friend that Ertan Velimatti Alagöz started drawing in his childhood years and then turned into his own inner voice.

TINIE is a little boy fighting with his own body against the capitalist system. The paintings consist of stories and situations that arise as a result of TINIE’ s war against world-famous major capitalist companies and their bosses.

The paintings, which also use materials found in landfills and junkyards, also take a stance against capitalism and the massacre of nature in a recyclable sense.


The Thin Line : Psychopathes and Geniuses 2020
ArtIst Sauna Istanbul

PSYCHOPATH. As soon as we hear that word, we think of murderers, perverts, suicide bombers. But unlike their film counterparts, not every psychopath in real life is violent or prone to crime. New research says one in ten CEOs is a psychopath. Because the features that stand out in psychopaths such as fearlessness, self-confidence, attraction, ruthlessness and focus it sits on the word success in a 21. century like a jacket sewn by a tailor.


Who would say Einstein, Tesla or Chaplin are less of a psychopath than the notorious serial killer Ed Gein?