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BORN IN 1981


He was born in 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden to a Finnish mother and a Turkish father. After completing his film and art education in Stockholm and Istanbul, he started his professional career as an assistant director at Plato Film/Istanbul. 


He worked as Creative Director at Digiturk/S’nek Tv for four years. In 2011, he started his own film production company KokoSukuFilm.


Ertan held his first solo art exhibition at Gallery Artist/Istanbul in 2012. 


His feature film, The Fish In Me, which he made in 2014, was screened at many film festivals in different corners of the world and won awards. 


In December 2018, he wrote his first crime novel S/AVCI (Prosecutor), which entered the “bestseller” list in Turkey. 


Between 2018-2020, he was the project director of Hamam Arts Hub Istanbul. 


His second solo exhibition "Coloring Book for Adults" took place at Galeri Bu İstanbul in November 2022.

He is currently working on his new feature film LOVE-LOVE.



One After Another MOVIE, Writer&Director, 2010 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

Can Bogazdan Gelir, SOLO EXHIBITION  Gallery Artist, Istanbul 2012 

The Fish in Me, MOVIE, Writer-Director, 2014 Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, The film contest 

- Best Actress award, 

The Fish in Me, MOVIE, Writer-Director, London Film Festival In 2014 

The Fish in Me, MOVIE, Writer-Director, Istanbul Film Festival 2015 

S/AVCI NOVEL, January 2018 D&R Bestseller

Hammam ARTS HUB, 2019 Group Exhibition 

SINGULART Member since 2021 

Art SAUNA ISTANBUL, 2021 Group Exhibition 


Galleria Kookos Helsinki, Back to Nature Group Exhibition 2021

Artopol Gallery Artist May 2021- March 2022

İstanbul Film Festival Meeting on the Brige: Series 2022

Coloring Book for Adults Solo Exhibition Galeri Bu İstannbul 2022

REM Group Exhibition Hush Galery İstanbul 2023

Helsinki International Artists Association

POYABİR (Turkish Crime Writers ' Union)

SEYAP (Turkish Association of Filmmakers)

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