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2018/Crime/Published by ALTIN KİTAPLAR

A man who is determined to defeat even death to protect his family... A reality built on big lies... A hunter who avoids being hunted... The father of young journalist Ada Işık was killed years ago by a serial killer nicknamed Hunter. While using the possibilities of her profession to find her father's murderer, Ada finally finds the clue she was looking for in an interview with former Minister of Justice Hashim Danişmend. It's unclear whether his journey to the cold and dark northern country of Finland, following this lead, will answer his questions.


Meanwhile, Prosecutor Şan Çevik is stuck in a big game built on a complex and dark family history. The young prosecutor has no choice but to resort to illegal means to avenge his family. All the dark corridors he walks through in search of justice lead him to the "Hunter" and Haşim Danişmend in the middle of the spider web. But there is a big question: Who really is the prey and who is the hunter?

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